Three Storey Design

Discover the beauty of botanicals.

Artisan silk lifestyle products and natural dyeing workshops in Greater Manchester.

Exquisite Handmade Silk Gifts

Explore our luxurious collection of handmade silk products. Crafted with UK-sourced silk and cotton, each piece is uniquely hand-dyed using natural botanical extracts from North Wales, the Midlands, and locally harvested plants.

Silk Scarf Natural Dyeing Workshops

Join our Natural Dyeing Workshops in Manchester and dive into the ancient art of Bundle dyeing. Learn to create stunning, unpredictable patterns on silk in our hands-on Silk Scarf Workshops. Perfect for creatives of all levels, these workshops offer a unique, educational experience in a supportive environment.

Bespoke Creations

Many of our silk gifts are made to order, ensuring each piece is special and tailored to your needs. We also offer bespoke requests, perfect for personalised gifts.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

We prioritise sustainability in every step of our process. Our materials are carefully chosen, and our packaging is designed to be fully recyclable. Enjoy the added delight of our plantable swing tickets, which blossom into beautiful flowers.

Learn more about the dyeing process below:

  • Scouring

    Fabric is washed with pH neutral plant-based laundry liquid before Scouring . Then simmered in water to remove soluble and insoluble impurities like oils, waxes and dirt found in natural textiles.

  • Mordanting

    This is the process of preparing fibers to accept colour and ensure fabric is durable and has long lasting colours. Different mordants are used on cellulose fibers (cotton, linen) to that of protein or animal fibers (silk, wool).

  • Bundle Dyeing

    A natural dyeing method which creates botanical prints from flowers, petals, leaves, herbs & vegetables. Extract dyes can also be used in bundle dying. Bundle dyes are often steamed or put in plastic bag and left to naturally develop.

  • Big Reveal

    Unwrapping the bundle and plant materials is the most exciting stage. Bundle dyeing is completely unpredictable, which is where the beauty lies . Washing, drying and ironing will set the colour and reveal the final design created.